White Wings of Delight

Monday, 28th September 2015

I have a poem featured in the pamphlet White Wings of Delight, a new collection of seagull-inspired poems put together by Elizabeth Reinach and Keith Murray that was launched last week with all proceeds going to the RSPB.

Keith and Elizabeth are huge fans of Aberdeen's native birds and believe they receive a hard rap from most Aberdonians. Instead they have developed close friendships with certain seagulls that turn up day upon day to their windows for feeding and a chat.

My poem, in my typically silly style, is called 'Had Your Chips' and takes its inspiration from my wondering why certain gulls have bright red patches on their beaks. Like all ostentatious colours in birds, its a sign of virility apparently, but I'm sure some of them simply haven't managed to get rid of the tomato ketchup from the last discarded fish supper they demolished.

You can read my poem and others from Keith, Elizabeth, Judith Taylor, Sheena Blackhall, Haworth Hodgkinson, Bernard Briggs, Gerard Rochford, Olivia McMahon, Ian Anderson, Yvonne Heald, Petra Vergunst and many more by picking up a copy from Books and Beans, the Maritime Museum or by sending a cheque or postal order for 6 (or more) to Keith Murray Advertising, 46 Portal Crescent, Aberdeen, AB24 2SP.