Welcome to Ellon

Monday, 2nd March 2015

Dear readers, you may not be aware of it, but I have recently switched / moved / upgraded, call it what you like, from being an Aberdeen writer to an Aberdeenshire writer. To celebrate this fact, and by way of a very warm welcome to the Shire, I was asked (along with my co-mover Catriona Yule) along to Better Read Books in Ellon as a guest reader.

Better Read Books is that loveliest of things - a shop that exists for the sheer love of what they do. Bill and Euan Kelly run a very welcoming shop at the best of times and, on poetry evenings, they're positively convivial.

I read a selection of poems from my debut collection 'Travel with my Rants' including favourites such as 'A Budget for Beer Drinkers', 'Choice', 'Coventry', 'The Gunman' and 'Dad's Last Dance' and raised a few titters with rare readings of 'Oh Sometimes I'm Glad I Neglected Me Teeth' and 'Why There Are No Haiku In This Book'. I also had time for a brand new poem which I'd premiered at Aberdeen's Books and Beans open mic the day before, 'Waxing Critial: A Subject's Response' which allowed me the chance to do my Lulu impression.

Best of all on the night was the wide array of pieces everyone had brought along to read, ranging from their own work to well-known witty ditties and poems found in second hand books. I'm already looking forward to future poetry evenings in Better Read Books. If you're in the area, come join us.

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