Supporting Kevin P Gilday

Thursday, 10th April 2014

Last Thursday I was back in Cellar 35, but this time in support for the very talented young Glasgow poet Kevin P Gilday. Kevin's set was really something - packing a surprising amount into what is, after all, Notes from a Quarter-life Crisis (boy, doesn't it make you feel old?) alongside some very funny pieces - the second coming of Jesus in Possilpark in particular. Elsewhere on the bill, Bernie Briggs showed his naughtier side with a set filled with (eternal schoolboy) humour and George Kay was electric, effervescent, just positively fizzing. It's perfectly clear why he was voted our our slam champion this year.

I plumped for a mixture of prose and poetry in my set, beginning with 'A Budget for Beer Drinkers' and moving on to my brand new prose piece 'The Jellyman Cometh' which seemed to go down very well. 'The Gunman' followed (quite well, I think, although I somehow forgot the last line!) before a reprise of my dodgy George Osborne impression in 'A Budget for Bingo Buffs'. I finished up, as always, with 'A Shaggy Dog' - not my best rendition of it, but it raised the usual smiles, and eyebrows.