Saturday, 12th April 2014

I was back on the airwaves on SHMU FM's Literature Show with Haworth Hodgkinson, Ian Anderson and Mark Pithie. It may seem daunting to enter the studio with three presenters firing questions at you, but the guys really do put you at ease - which is great for a free-flowing conversation.

I read my stories 'The Jellyman Cometh' and 'Donald and the Minotaur' and one poem ('The Gunman') on air and I think they sounded really good. More importantly, of course, I was able to choose my own music and selected Carter USM, Pulp, E-Jitz, The KLF and The Clash. This really was radio freedom!

Listening back, there are still a few too many "errrr" noises and I still tend to chat like the clappers, but I think I'm more relaxed than the last time I was on. See what you think by listening along on the player below...

Richie Brown by Literature Show on Mixcloud