Picaroon Poetry

Sunday, 24th July 2016

I am delighted that my poem 'Soul Music' has been published in issue three of the fine online poetry journal Picaroon Poetry.

'Soul Music' explores the strange effect that celebrity death has on our listening habits. At Princess Diana's funeral in 1997, Elton John played a new version of his hit 'Candle in the Wind' changing the lyrics so they were about her and not the original subject Marilyn Monroe. The record was re-released a couple of weeks ago and became the biggest selling record of all time - not least because some people were buying armfuls at a time. This was something I had never been able to understand, but then something happened in January 2016 that affected me far mote than I expected and, I finally began to understand.

You can read 'Soul Music' in issue three of Picaroon poetry here or you can listen to me reading it and see the 'pop promo' video I made for it below.