National Poetry Day - the annual challenge

Thursday, 3rd October 2013

Today was National Poetry Day in the UK and, for the fourth year running, I tweeted that I'd write anyone a short poem on a given subject or a given theme. This year I had three requests, so here are three brand new poems.

My good buddy Ross Milne requested "Mr Bean vs 50 Cent's 'In Da Club'", which sounds like a hark back to my bootlegging days, so this is called:

Mr Bean vs 50 Cent's 'In Da Club'

Go Beany, it's your birthday
We'll watch The Sweeney on your birthday
We'll have a wee Martini for your birthday
And pack it in a half hour episode...but, firstly...

We'll find him in the club, dancing like a fud,
Look teddy, he's fond of you ever since you was a cub,
He don't say much, he just giggles like a spud,
So come give him a hug, but not another series.

Aberdeen history tour operator Fiona Jane Brown then asked for, appropriately, one about "Rainy Days". This tied in nicely with the day's weather and the overarching theme of National Poetry Day of water.

Rainy Days

I sometimes wait for weeks and weeks for rain and when it comes
I get dressed up in rainproof breeks, cagoule and Wellingtons
When it dries I get undressed and run round in the nip
Avoiding rain-drenched Sou'westers, wet Macs, umbrella tips

Finally, our new friend from Demented Eloquence North 5, poet Elaine Feeney, asked for 'an epic please...ah, a Haiku will do' - and so I tried to cover both as best I could.

Epic Haiku for Elaine Feeney

Retold an epic
In seventeen syllables
So, somewhat abridged.

See you on Twitter again next October!