It's Per-Verse!

Saturday, 29th March 2014

Just over a fortnight ago I hosted the first ever Per-Verse! night at Cellar 35. The bastard son of Demented Eloquence, Per-Verse! is the first show I've presented solo and I think it went rather well. My first guest on the night was Ian Anderson who entertained us with his range of amusing 'Imperial Hotel' poems - a series of character-based memories of the infamous Harbour inn where Ian first worked after leaving school in the 1970s. Next up were Nigel and Mark Lammas with a great combination of strings, wind and voice over a varied bill of music and poetry. Headlining was the always fabulous Eddie Gibbons with a set perfectly balanced between laugh out loud funny, head-scratchingly technical and endearingly nostalgic.

Alongside the open mic and the audience poem was a new chance for audience participation with the limerick competiton. I thought it would be a great idea to shout out to the audience for suggestions on building up the first line e.g. an occupation, an adjective, a place and it was, except I couldn't get the line to fit the poetic meter - luckily Judy Taylor stepped in and worked it out for me. Then I realised I didn't have pens and paper for people to use...ah well, teething problems. The resultant limericks were actually rather fun.