Donut Factory

Monday, 18th April 2016

Some of my stories are odd. They may not start out meaning to be odd, but they inevitably end up laa-laa and more straitjacket than book jacket. This may limit the number of publications for me to submit them to, but if a story's good then it's good, right? Right. But every now and again I chance upon a periodical actually shouting out for oddities.

Donut Factory is a new print magazine based in Berkeley, California edited by American writer A.E. Phillips. The Spring issue was launched at the end of last week and I'm pleased to announce that one of my stories 'Gnu Shoes' can be found nestling among its pages alongside poetry and tales of odd red socks and dancing cats. My story finds a purely fictional Mr Brown visiting a shoe shop run by a pushy Wildebeest willing to do anything to make a sale.

You can get a copy of the Spring issue via If you'd like to submit to a future issue then their website can be found at