A brand new story for Christmas


It's a month before Christmas and three thieves are lying a turkey farm. While Crunch and Larry get their hands dirty cleaning up after the birds, Boss plans the gang's next steps. Meanwhile, the police are frantically searching for the Dutchess of Dabneyshire's diamond - and the Duchess is on the lookout for her Christmas dinner!

'Stuffed' is a hilarious short Christmas farce suitable for children aged 8 and above.

This edition features a bonus story 'Santa Sells Out': When the 'Elf inspector' makes an unannounced call just before Christmas and dismisses most of his helpers, Santa finds himself in big trouble. Cue a call from Bodkin, Bates and Bampot (makers of the world's favourite fizzy energy drink) - can they save Christmas?



© 2017 Ricky Hudson